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This Blog – First Extra Income was created to help you out. How? As you are here, you are probably a newbie who search for good quality content to learn how to make money online and more. I want to explain the different possibilities on the Internet. You will not have to spend hours of reading other blogs, forums, watching YouTube videos – here you can find anything you want to know. FEI will be a kind of knowledge-pill for anyone who wishes to start a successful online business. Something is missing, or you would like to get into more details? Let me know, will try to write next article about it!

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In the moment of creating this first post on my blog – I am just the beginner like you are. I want to find out more about this online-business-blog-affiliate-money-making scheme. I will try to share with you everything worth to know in the best way possible. A lot of people are running their blogs for years now, with beautiful themes, hundreds of topics, do you feel lost because of it? It’s entirely reasonable! I was too. It was one of the reasons I wanted to build First Extra Income.

Probably now you are thinking: “How this guy who knows sh*t will teach me anything?!”

You are correct, but only in a small part. I didn’t think about the “Let’s create a blog” thing yesterday afternoon. It was two – three months process. Spending hours watching YouTube movies after work, reading other people blogs, chatting with entrepreneurs who are earning thousands of dollars per month, was scammed few times – I learned my lesson, that’s why you don’t have to go through all of it.

What you need to remember. Success is not going to come next day, next week, probably not even next month. I’ve seen plenty of people who wanted to “go big”, but after few weeks of poor or no results they quit. Work hard, don’t expect miracles, wait and it will come.

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Bez nazwyMy name is Simon, and I decided to create this blog, how you can earn your first money. I will try to write as much content as possible, but be patient as I have a lot of things to do. Currently, I’m living in Poland, Cracow. Working full-time as Project Analyst in one of the biggest automotive companies in the world. In the same time, I’m working on my English grammar, doing Green Belt certificate, learning more about Project Management and this blog,

Before I moved to Cracow for my studies I lived in a small city, close to BieszczadyMountains (incredible place, Google it if you don’t know where is it). When I was like eight years old my mother and older sister forced me to go dancing classes, at the beginning I didn’t like it. Being close to girls, touching them – yuck (Funny thing is that how perception change over the years :)). After some time, I loved that. I was growing up, went to High School, passed my all exams and moved to Cracow. Nothing special, nothing complicated. I will skip all problems and issues not to bore you.

Wanted to change something in my life and that’s why I and you are here. My biggest dream was and still is to become and actor in Hollywood movies (I see you Quentin T.) and I see here a chance as Leo finally got his first Oscar. I am not going to show you the story from poverty to making thousands of dollars in two weeks. I am not going to display screens with 2000$ per week as I am not having this amount of money (yet!). There is no long fairy tale to write, what my life was before online income and how it changed my life by 180 degrees.

I hope that this blog will help us both!

Good luck!


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