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How to choose a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?


How to determine the perfect niche

Tl:dr Provide a solution to a problem for people in need with 3 “easy” steps:

  1. Find a specific crowd
  2. That has question/issue/obstacle
  3. Give them the solution

Example: Bob (is a student) who wants to be a project manager (audience), he has to learn for IPMA, Prince2, PMI exam (problem).  Provide him a list of books, tips how to learn and pass it (solution).

How to choose a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?

In my previous post, I was explaining how to start a blog. What should motivate you, what you need to remember when running one. If you want to run a blog just for you and you, don’t care about money or how big your audience is you can write about anything you want (and you can skip this chapter). Your day, school, work, annoying friends. On the other hand, when you wish to earn money and make sales you need to choose a niche which can bring viral and significant traffic to your website.


What is a niche market? You can read about it on Wikipedia:

Niche Marketing 

Niche blogging

Do you have a concept now?

When you look at the past, and now you can see how many things changed during last years. You can buy things from Amazon without leaving your house. You can talk with people who are on the other continent in few seconds. When you check it, you’ll know that it didn’t happen in few months. Just like big brands needed years to be where they are. Don’t pay internet gurus thousands of dollars “how to be rich in 2 months” as they are a piece of s…

What is an affiliate marketing? Click it.

As I mentioned above, niche to making money don’t need to be your passion, but it would be good that you are least interested in it. Before you continue, prepare a list of ten problems, desires, and fears. Probably it is not going to be easy. Try to think about some issues you had, where you preferred to check Google instead asking your friends or family.

When you have your list, you need to do keyword research


Let’s start with some basics.

A keyword – is a search term that you type something in Google when you try to find new information.  An example can be “weight loss” as it is very popular keyword nowadays. We have two kinds of keywords: short-tail and long-tail. What is a difference?

A Short-tail keyword is very broad; it’s just one-two words and they are hard to rank in search engine.

A long-tail keyword is three or more words and it is easy to rank as people who use them in most cases are looking for solutions(which often ends with buying stuff), e.g. “how to lose weight by summer”. You want to use them.

Your task here is to find a keyword which is used, and it should be easy to rank. There are several tools to do it. Don’t buy any premium programs; you don’t need them yet.


First – easiest and most popular – Google Keyword Research Tool

You can create account and log in here.

You can find a tutorial here

  1. Go to the Google Keywords tool.
  2. If you have an Adwords-account, log in. If not, create one.
  3. Advanced Options -> All Countries & English
  4. Type your niche (e.g. lose weight) into the textbox and hit search.
  5. In the left column, there’s an option called Match Types. Check “exact” and uncheck the rest. (“Exact” delivers the most realistic results.)
  6. Choose long-tail KWs with at least 1000 Global Monthly Searches and proceed to competition analysis.

How to find a good niche

How to chose a good niche


The Moneyword Matrix


Created by the people from Niche Profit Classroom, and I am using it as one of my criteria. How can you use it? It’s pretty straightforward. Pick your keyword and quote it into Google (e.g. “how to lose weight by summer”). It shows the total amount of websites Google has indexed with the exact phrase. When your word has more than 1000 monthly searches and at the same time less than 10 000 results in Google, it is rated as excellent.  Simple, right? I would recommend finding words which are being searched around 2000-4000 times as probably anything under 1000 searches will not make your much money.

You need to remember that just one method is not enough to check if the niche is worth or not.

SEO Analysis

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – it describes how well a site is optimized for certain keywords. If you see a website which is high in Page Rank, it doesn’t mean that you can’t outrank it when you optimize it better for keywords than a competitor.

You need to know about three basic and most essential elements:

  1. Keyword should be in Title – first, blue line on screen below
  2. Keyword should appear in URL – second, green line
  3. Keyword is in meta-description – black text below search result

Lose weight

Take your chosen keyword and check TOP10 results and see how well they are optimized. If most sites have high PR (Page Rank – check above), and they look well-optimized, leave it.

Searching for domain

As you know now, one important factor of SEO is a keyword in URL.

You can go to check domain availability for your keywords. Try only .com, if that is not possible choose .org.  Why should you try only .com? Most people who use the internet still thinks that there is only .com. Try not to make a mistake and lose traffic for free.  It should be easy to type and remember. If .org and .com are not possible to take, try iKeyword or eKeyword.

Last step – repeat

Rerun the process for every keyword. Select the winner. Remember: As you want to have your first sale, chose a low traffic (even less than 1000 searches) that is easy to rank for over high traffic that looks hard to rank. You need to get the experience first to take care of more challenging pages.

When you have it, find five – eight sub-keywords with couple hundred searches that look easy to rank. What is a sub-keyword? In our example: “How to lose weight by summer” it can be: “lose weight in 2 months” or “lose weight without any diet”.

If you want to have easy to use, a powerful tool for keywords – I recommend Jaaxy (You can register for FREE Trial), but ONLY for experienced users – with some knowledge of affiliate marketing. In later stages, I will probably review it to show it’s possibilities.


All right, I explained what a niche is and how to find out if you have a chance to make money on it. But what when you don’t want to write about something that is boring for you? Think about your passion, about something you can talk for hours and other people wish to read about it.

You need to check if people are willing to pay money for it. How? Google, Amazon, EBay, other websites.

Let’s keep the topic of losing weight. You can write a blog how you have been doing it, starting on the first day, the first week, how you have been fighting with yourself not to eat cake, pictures of your progress. In a mean time consider a course “How you can handle a diet,” “Easy steps to love your diet,” etc.

If you are not a specialist, it’s right thing to start with a niche for newbies and beginners. Why? Because it’s easy to please them as they will always learn something new from your posts. Another idea? You are a handyman. You like to fix everything at your place and all friend and neighbours houses. Write a blog “How to do it by yourself” or “How to fix XYZ.” You can create e-book about it.

You are sure you know a lot about your niche. Split your knowledge. Do it 60%/40% or 70%/30%. What do I mean by that? Write on a blog most of your knowledge but don’t share with everything you know as you can earn extra money on that. As I mentioned above – create an e-book/product for this 30%-40% percent and sell it to your readers.


  1. Hello Simon,
    You are attracting reader in the first line itself saying how to earn extra income. It means people who are looking for second source of income are attracted as they don’t want to disturb what they are doing currently and increase their income by putting some efforts from comfort of their home.
    You explained in detail everything about blog. How to find profitable niche in three easy steps that is you have to find specific crowd, any issues or problems and give them solutions.
    I liked the way you explained about affiliate marketing with simple examples. And at the same time you are giving warning that it is not as easy as it sounds because you have to keep certain factors in mind to be successful like viral traffic, finding good products, trusts or good writing skill.
    Keep up the good work. I wish you all the best.
    Keep in touch

    • Szymon

      April 12, 2016 at 5:30 pm

      Hi Jayesh,
      Thank you for your comment.

      That was my idea – to show people that they can earn some extra money on the side, without leaving what they are currently doing. In future, after some time maybe they want to exchange it, who knows? 😉

      The purpose was to be as honest as possible – there is no shortcut to success. When you want to achieve something, hard work will help you.


  2. Let me first thank you for the contents of the page,very high quality content that every beginner should have the opportunity to read. The information/tutorial is very comprehensive,valuable,and easy to follow, i will bookmark this because i will like to follow up on some of the links provided.Thanks again for a top quality page.

    • Szymon

      April 19, 2016 at 4:53 pm

      Hi Courtney,
      It’s good to see that new people involved in blogging can find something useful here 🙂

  3. This is a very cool article on finding a niche for affiliate marketing. Thanks for the tip on how to do keyword research too. You even talked about basic SEO here in which I believe it is a tough task for a blogger who wants to try it out but no idea how to start. Finding the right domain is definitely essential for a long-term run. Thanks for recommending so many useful tools here. As I progress along the way, I will look into Market Samurai or Jaaxy tools. Good post!

    • Szymon

      April 17, 2016 at 5:22 pm

      Hi Alex,

      You need to remember one thing. Finding a good niche with those different tools is one thing, but writing a good content (for SEO) is something completely different. Google changed their search engines some time ago. When you are writing a new text it should be as natural as possible, you can’t use as many high SEO words you want as you will be slapped and dropped in rankings.


  4. I like your idea about saving a portion of your info for an ebook. Writing ebooks and teaching people how to do it is my part of my niche. I’ll be writing books but I’ll also be selling related affiliate products. Well that’s my idea anyway. Do you think I’m being too ambitious and maybe I should stick to just one revenue making stream?

    • Szymon

      April 26, 2016 at 3:56 pm

      Hi Deb,
      I don’t think that anyone is too ambitious. If you think that you have time for both of them and you can handle it, go for it! You can always leave one of them for some other time. If you don’t try, you will never know how it could work. Good luck with your books and niche! Let me know later on what you decide.

  5. Glad I came across your site and have learnt a lot from it. I really struggle to choose a niche.
    I have heard about long tail keywords before, but following wealthy affiliate kyle doesn’t mention long tail keywords, or checking on google to see how many searches it has got. Really think your content will be useful to me and will be bookmarking this page and following along.

  6. I always like to make money online, thank you for introducing me to this. I guess choosing a niche is one of the most important step? I don’t want to spend my efforts on something that I don’t feel like writing about after a couple of weeks. Anyway, I tried your procedures on Google keyword research. It seems easy, but which one is more effective, the Jaaxy you mentioned or the Google keyword research tool?

    • Szymon

      April 26, 2016 at 5:29 pm

      Hi Chris,
      Yes, choosing a niche is very important for affiliate marketing. Why? Because you need to know that main topic of your niche is interesting for you (to not be bored after few months) and at the same time people need to have a desire to buy the products you are writing about (that’s why you need to do a research).

      I use both of them at the same time and both are great tools (sometimes Google is better, sometimes Jaaxy). You can try trial version of Jaaxy, if you like it and don’t mind to spend some additional bucks, go for it 🙂

      Good luck!

  7. It’s never going to be possible to know for sure whether people will like your content before you create it – but by choosing a good strong niche you are eliminating some of the dark spots that could trip you up. Great article – I hope many people get to see the niche tips you have covered here!

    • Szymon

      May 7, 2016 at 3:29 pm

      Hi Chris,
      Yes, in the internet you can’t find one formula that says: “chose X and you will become rich”. Sometimes it’s learning from your mistakes, trying new tools, searching for things. Good research before you start is a critical moment here.

  8. Hi Szymon, Thank you for great content. There are so many answers to my questions in this page. Good content with good resources. And the links for those resources are very useful. Choosig a niche is very important think in any business. I found so many details about how to fund a good niche. Thank you for your help! And good luck!

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