How to create a good blog post?



What you need to know it is about quality and not quantity. Quality will give you sleepless nights. Why? As it is not that easy to write every single post with good content. Try to follow most (in best case scenario all) tips and you should be okay:

  • First thing is diversity. Read a lot about your niche, talk with people about it, have varied sources. When you have a chance to exchange ideas you can get a new and bright idea about the new When you have it, it should mature. Note the most important things, links to different articles (if you are writing about your niche try not to use websites which are going to compete with you for the first page of Google).
  • Just do it! (You can use Shia Lebouf YouTube video here if you need motivation). What I mean by that? Most of bloggers or book writers are saying that inspiration doesn’t exist. It’s like cleaning your house. You know that you have to do it finally, but you try to postpone it as much as possible. Hardest the point is to start – you put music on, headphones, water, old rag, start to dance in the rhythm of the music. It’s no big deal anymore, right? In this case, that’s pretty good for me. There is nothing wrong if you don’t like your brand new text at the beginning. You can always change it in a mean time. I am always doing that this way. Writing a text, giving it to someone to read, take notes from their feedback. Rewrite some sentences.
  • Write on a regular basis. The longer you wait, the bigger problem you have to start. It’s the same with going to a gym. Oh my God. You try to find so many excuses not to do it. Work, friends, boyfriend, husband, kids. It’s 60-90 minutes two-three times a week. Ok, be honest with me. You are seriously THAT busy that you don’t have 90 minutes twice a week to have time to yourself? Yes, working out is doing something to yourself = you want to be healthy. Damn, this post is not about trying to motivate you. Let’s back to what I wanted to write. When you have a habit of doing something it is just there. You know that you have to do it and in most cases you like it. How does it look like for me? I try to write 300 words every single day. When I am exhausted, I write 600 words the next day if I want it or not.
  • Perfect moment – when you have the feeling “this is the moment”, just sit and start writing. Try not to miss that moment, as it cannot come back. I am not saying drop the meeting at your work when you get “this” feeling, just note the crucial things. If you are a traveller, write every day what you are doing, after the trip you are not going to remember every moment from last few weeks. The same with weight loss blog. Write how you feel, how you want to eat cake, this way is more natural.
  • Try to use simple words as not every person is native and know sophisticated words (see what I did here?). I am not native English speaker. I need to use two applications to fix my grammar errors (I will write a post about it), but probably you can still find some mistakes
  • Be concise as possible. Don’t change topics in the middle of the post (like me three dots above). What you need to remember: Google likes longer posts as he thinks that reader gets more information from more than 1000 words than just 500. Now you are confused, right? It means that you need to write only about the topic you wanted to write in a first place and try the length uncle Google likes.
  • Look at the post – short paragraphs, bullets, numbering, good photos relating to your post. When you scroll down, you need to know in few seconds what it is about.
  • The title of the post – should be catchy or give an idea that inside is the solution to someone problem, involve keywords as well. You want to have an audience who is interested in the topic or looking for an answer in that particular area.


That should be it. Do you think I missed something? Leave a comment and let’s start a discussion!