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Is Traffic Monsoon a SCAM? – Review

Is Traffic Monsoon a Legit business?

What is a Traffic Monsoon? Is it most popular advertising system in 2015 that will crush Facebook or Google Adsense like a truck or smartly hidden scam and Ponzi?

I wanted to write about it as I see plenty of people on the Facebook, Google+ or just blogs who are promoting Traffic Monsoon (TM) as an “amazing” advertising company that is sharing the revenue with the investors. It means that company is doing that voluntarily as long as they have profits. Reasonable right? Unfortunately, most of those people probably don’t know (or don’t want to know) what they promote and how some things are working.

Let’s start first with an individual who stays in behind the business. Charles Scoville. Interesting fact – at the beginning of the program in October 2014, there were voices that four people created such a genius business system, but it turned out that there is only Charles. Who lied and why? I don’t know, probably to confuse someone or not to scare future investors.

Who is Charles Scoville?

You can visit his website:

Now something that you cannot find on his website.

Starting with his online business career in somewhere in 2009, till now Charles created around 20 (!) programs/websites that are not working anymore.

Check below:




Wealthenginex .com


FreeHitXchange – that still works

Traffic Monsoon  – here we are

The whole business is run from the one-bed apartment: 4927 Murray Blvd Z9, Murray, UT 84123. Fun fact: Currently (at the date of writing this post) this house is for sale.

All above “businesses” were registered in Utah. The one and only state in the USA that allows Ponzi scheme.



Most promoters were introducing Charles as a loving father and husband. What is worth to mention he just got married! Again? Is it a second wife? The first one? If first, how he could be a loving husband? (sorry for a crappy resolution – found it on one forum)

Charles Scoville- Traffic Monsoon

This picture was deleted the very next day or two. Why? Because you need to declare the desire of getting married 28 days before the ceremony, when Charles did that in just a few days after his arrival in the UK. There is the question then, has he married again (first time?) or not?

We know a little bit about the admin. Is he trustworthy? I will leave it to you to decide.

Coming back to the main topic.

Is Traffic Monsoon a SCAM or legit business?

What is a Traffic Monsoon? I wrote a little bit in my previous post: Revenue Share Honest Opinion

There is a link to the website: Traffic Monsoon Website

You can watch a short movie: Traffic Monsoon Review – How does it work

There is second presentation: TM Presentation

Have you seen one or both of them? Ok, let’s continue.

Probably you will know it now, but if you didn’t catch it – (most important and the only thing that is being promoted by people) you pay 50$ for an ad pack that gives you 20 visitors and 1000 traffic exchange credits.  Pretty expensive, but it’s not a point. After 55 days, you get your money back! Ba! You get 5$ extra for you and your sponsor ( the person who showed you this “business”). Yes, you can promote whatever you want for free and earn additional money for it. How genius is that?!

Two things worth to mention:

  • You will get this extra money after 55 days (your sponsor immediately after your payment) when the company has profits.
  • Ad pack is generating 10$ loss on every sale!

Who creates a business model that produces loss every single time? Is that sustainable business model?

It’s regular Ponzi scheme that I mentioned posts ago. Newly recruited people will pay the first affiliates their withdrawals.  It is going to work as long as new people are joining and doing the deposits for ad packs.

On the website you can take a look on the Alexa ranking:

Traffic Monsoon Alexa Rank

In an understandable way? Alexa Rank is showing how popular your site is. In just three weeks TM lost more than 500 places!

It’s easy to see that not that many new people are joining. It can mean one thing – TM is on his way to die. Just like 16 other Charles programs.

Screen from a TM website (done on 14:31 10th May 2016 EST)

Screen from a TM website (done on 14:31 10th May 2016 EST)

More than 3 million members! 60 thousand NEW members just in last 30 days. Scratch your head. How that is possible that Alexa Rank is showing that people don’t visit TM anymore and still have 60 thousand new joiners? Someone here is lying, and it’s not Alexa.

All right, Alexa can be wrong. Let’s take a look at a next number. 4 056 people online. It’s less than 0, 01%. I would assume that more people will be online if you get free money for nothing?

When for the first time I’ve seen the promotion of Traffic Monsoon, promoters were saying about big companies being the main client of TM. Right now if you check the daily ten ads, most of them are other Ponzi programs or TM (I don’t see a reason to promote TM in TM as potential clients are already there, but who knows, maybe there is some depth behind it). You need to remember what I wrote in Revenue Share post. Everyone can promote EVERYTHING they want. In almost every case well-known companies are not in this Ponzi.

Since the beginning of the year, a lot of things happen that not many promoters are talking about.

  1. In January, PayPal froze 60 million on the account allegedly. There is no hard proof from Charles.
  2. After 180 days they should release those money (middle of July). Few days ago Charles said something middle of August – around 210 days.
  3. We have new Customer Service! Movie: YouTube. Check the wall at 1:18 and how the title is trembling. You can find more about the new company here: John Ernest Apologies
  4. 6th February was supposed to be a day of Traffic Monsoon Bank. Right now, we have 10th May and still no bank.
  5. Every information we get is: “Charles said”. There is no hard legit data, hard proofs, nothing.
  6. If you can use simple math and calculate how much money TM is earning besides the ad pack you can see that it’s impossible to cover the who debt of those 10$ I mentioned earlier.

More information with almost daily updates you can find on a Facebook group:

Traffic Monsoon Ponzi Facebook Group

or on Tara blog:



Is Traffic Monsoon a SCAM?

Yes and no. Yes – for people who have their ad packs frozen because PayPal “blocked” the account. Not yet for people who bought ad packs after 11 February when Charles started with TM 2.0.

Is Traffic Monsoon a Ponzi? Definitely!


If you have any questions about Traffic Monsoon, Revenue Share, other Ponzis, let me know in the comment below.





  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your very detail and informative post about Traffic Monsoon. I have been searching for information about this program. Can’t decide to join or not. Your post sure give me lots of useful information. It seems that Traffic Monsoon is not the best place to get quality traffic after all. Thanks for the info.


    • Szymon

      May 15, 2016 at 6:31 pm

      Hi Hadri,
      Unfortunatly Traffic Monsoon like other “advertising” programs LikesXL, MAPS, Futureret are generating terrible quality traffic that can hurt even your SEO. They are Ponzis to make money for some people, not to provide good product.

  2. Hi Szymon, I had not heard of traffic monsoon before. It is amazing at the number of scams out there. I often find it hard to understand how people can put money in a business ;model like that and expect a return on their money. Life doesn’t work like that. I hope you continue to write your reviews so people like Scoville will be run out of business. I was just wondering, isn’t it a crime to run a Ponzi scheme? Madoff went to prison. Keep up the good work.

    • Szymon

      May 15, 2016 at 6:34 pm

      Hi Carroll,

      It depends on the country. Scoville and his Traffic Monsoon are registered in Utah, the only state in US where Ponzis are still legal. In most of the programs you don’t know the admin, so at the end it’s hard to catch someone who is responsible for that.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how a little truth can unravel the most sophisticated lie? You did a great job exposing Traffic Monsoon for the Ponzi scheme scam it is.

    Thanks for delving into Charles Scoville’s character or, should I say, lack of character. Obviously, he churns these make money schemes out like clockwork.

    I wish people realized that they will never make money online as long as they are chasing after so-called opportunities.

    The internet IS the opportunity. If they want to make money online they need to think like an entrepreneur and learn a few skills. It starts with a FREE Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate, just like you suggest in your sidebar.

    • Szymon

      May 18, 2016 at 8:55 am

      Hi Gary,

      Yes, you are right. Unfortunately most of these people are searching for easy opportunity, not where you have to work hard to achieve something. What is sad that some of them believe they are “working” in the advertising company.

  4. Good review of Traffic Monsoon. I’ve seen nothing but bad things about it and Charlie. It’s very common people set up scams rinse thousands of people of money, then when it gets a bad rep, simply abandon it and then move onto a totally new project and scam people again which you highlighted he has over 20 programs out there! You ever fell victim to him? People like that just need to get a real job rather than scam other peoples money.

    Good review here, keeping people aware of this.

    • Szymon

      May 18, 2016 at 8:58 am

      Hi Kyle,

      I’m glad that I am not a victim. I was thinking to deposit some money in the Traffic Monsoon, but first, I did my research. I found what you can see in the review, so my decision was not to do it. After two or three weeks PayPal “blocked” the money.

  5. Thank you for this thorough review of Traffic Monsoon! There are so many scams online for people to fall for. I’m grateful that there are websites and people like you to keep exposing their unethical behavior. You’ve done a lot of investigation to show the untrustworthy details. It seems to me when people are so shady in their personal life you can be sure they are shady in business too. I will definitely stay away from them! Did it take you a long time to track down all of this info? Stella 🙂

    • Szymon

      May 22, 2016 at 2:20 pm

      Hi Stella,

      Not really 🙂 I am using two forums for HYIPs. There is a lot of people who share their immense knowledge about admins and programs. I just gathered most of the things that are not that easy to find and put them into this topic.

  6. Hello, I really appreciate your work. You seem like a very knowledgeable person and I respect that.

    This whole thing definitely looks like a Ponzi scheme. This business model cannot go on forever and I think that the end of Traffic Monsoon is near…

    You are doing a great job! Keep exposing these dishonest scammers!

    • Szymon

      June 1, 2016 at 10:02 am

      Hi Julius,
      Yes, Traffic Monsoon and his story (PayPal issues, CEO, Customer Service fake video, TM Bank and much more) should have TV story or a movie 🙂 It’s amazing how people can be easily scammed and still shut themselves for the truth.

  7. Hi there,

    This isn’t the first review I read about Traffic Monsoon. I don’t necessarily think it’s a scam, but in my opinion, it’s a big waste of time. I didn’t try it, but I learned enough by reading some reviews and watching a couple of videos.

    And the fact that PayPal blocked the payment process for the site is a big red flag for everyone who’s still thinking about giving this service a try.

    • Szymon

      June 6, 2016 at 10:56 am

      Hi Imad,
      For this moment, it is a scam as it’s not paying the money to people who bought adpacks before beginning of February. The same with Customer Service and the logo that is moving on the wall 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t get inside!

  8. Hi

    Thank you for sharing another traffic method with us. But I did a little research on Traffic Monsoon and their traffic is low-quality traffic. It’s another scam that is put out there to get your money but really has no benefits. If you’re looking quality traffic I could show you a place to buy them. Let me know, take care!

    • Szymon

      June 13, 2016 at 6:28 pm

      Hi Vince,

      Yes, their traffic is only based on people who are watching the ads to get the money, and only people from Traffic Monsoon can watch them (no external sources).

  9. It’s mind boggling how many of these scams are out there. Another one that was getting all the rave recently is Smashfund. It got to the point where some of our WA members were promoting it to others. I saw first hand how some members will trick ones in their own community because of scams.

    Thank you for exposing another one!

    • Szymon

      June 13, 2016 at 6:30 pm

      Hi Wing,

      Yes, I’ve seen some Smashfund reviews as well. It’s hard to say what is it as it’s in the pre-launch phase, but probably nothing good.

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