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How can I earn money from home? Don’t waste your precious time on something that is not going to bring you enough money to live a happy life. Every idea I will write in this post can be used as a short time option for a quick cash injection, but I do not recommend them as a full-time possibility. Anyhow, if you still want to do it, let me know how it goes.

PTC Sites – What is PTC Site? Can I earn money on PTC Site?PTC- Make Money Online

PTC means Paid to click (Wikipedia) – you get money for watching ads. Most of the companies that offer affiliate commission (I mentioned it in one of my previous posts) have in theirs terms of use, that you can’t use PTC sites to recommend their products to most of the people who are watching them they are not interested in the ad, but in the money they got for watching it.

Even if you try to buy referrals (sites are giving you xx% of cash your referral will click on a daily basis) for hundreds of dollars, it’s a waste of money. Why? Most of them will be botted or dead after few days. Right now you can buy PTC script for less than 30$ and set up your website. I do not recommend that either, as it takes so much effort that it is not worth it.

You should not confuse it with PPC and CPC Sites – on those websites, you are the person who pays for clicks. Google Adwords is most famous page for that.



Source: and other pages that pay you for sharing files – What it earning on links?

They promise to pay you around 5$ per 1000 clicks or downloads. What most users don’t know – it works ONLY for US Traffic. Yes, you will not get a dime for people who download it from a different country. As you see, you need huge numbers of individuals checking your shared file to earn some real money.

If you have somehow that big traffic source, it’s better to use it on CPA (Wikipedia) offers or Affiliate Marketing, as you will have a greater success there.

Forum posting

It’s not that popular anymore, but you can still find some forums that pay for good quality posts. Why is this method a waste of time? You need to write tons of posts every day to earn a couple of bucks. If you want to write that better idea is to register to one of the Article Writing Websites for better pay. In this case, you need to know how to write without grammar mistakes and not plagiarize others work. If you prefer this kind of activities, you can try Yahoo and write articles for them.

Exchange sites

You need to watch or do something to get credits that can be used for something else. Complete waste of time. Everything is better than this 🙂




A person who invented “make money from gambling” has to be an affiliate marketer or owning a casino. You can’t earn money regularly from gambling. You can “earn” something when you are lucky, but you should not keep it as a primary source of your income.

Ewhoring – What is Ewhoring?

You can find more here.

In a short way? You pretend to be a girl to earn money. How? Downloading ready-made photos/movies of naked girls, going to a chat room/game and ask guys for help and in return, you will send them nudes or short private dancing on Skype. Probably you need to be a little bit twisted to do it for an extended period of the time, but who knows…

Online Partnership



I am not writing here about Amazon, Ebay and selling something as an affiliate marketer. An unknown person is looking for a partner to create/do/sell something for them, in return, you will get a commission. Do not trust as in 95% of cases you will be in trouble. Anything that works on re-selling is a scam. What is important here – I am talking about individuals, not the companies that are or will approach you.

Investment opportunity

Working on similar bases like the Online Partnership. If you see a stranger who promises you revenue from an investment, just run. Not that many people will share financial strategies via the internet with another stranger.





Working and Legit revenue are always coming from a knowledge and hard work. On the internet, you can always find a magic button that changes everything. In most cases it doesn’t. Everything requires effort, know-how, and certain skills. If you think that every method to make money is hard, you are wrong. If you think about them, they are pretty easy. If you want to make money, it’s possible, but you can’t sit on your ass and complain that it’s not feasible. So stop wasting your time and work hard!


Are you interested in creating a business within any niche or interest that you may have? It all starts with a website, a foundation, proper training, and community to support your every step.

Read my Review and if you have any questions, or you want to share your ideas for a business with me, let me know below.





  1. Szymon, thank you for telling the truth about not wasting the time. Yes, most of the time, we are wasting too much of our time to hope for something very small in return or just a dream. What do you think of affiliate marketing if we are not talking about the niche of internet marketing, it is still earning a small commission via Amazon, for example, so what made you think it is still good to have own website to promote Amazon products in own niche? I just want to know your reason, I still have hope in online business.

    • Szymon

      May 30, 2016 at 2:52 pm

      Hi Jenna,
      Yes, I think that affiliate marketing is still profitable online business opportunity. You need to dedicate a lot of effort, time and hard work to be successful, but it is worth. Amazon commission is growing depending how many items you are selling during the month. You can always use different affiliates sites that have a higher comission. Good luck!

  2. Very interesting article here. I have not heard of most of the ways to make money that you mentioned. Some of the things you mentioned I could not understand. However, at the end of the article I understood what the best way to make money online is: to work hard. Thank you for an enlightening article

    • Szymon

      May 30, 2016 at 2:54 pm

      Hi Cynthia,
      What part of the article didn’t you understand? I can explain it with different words or rewrite it 😉

  3. What a straight up, no nonsense post! You started off that PTC stuff which I never could figure out why people did because it seems like people would have better things to do, but people do it. You had me laughing with the “ewhoring” part. I figured that existed and have seen it, but didn’t know there was an actual term for it. Did you make that up? Too funny 🙂

    You certainly got my attention, agree with with wholeheartedly, and will click your Review Link to see what else is in store. You information is spot on serious, and enjoyable to read at the same time. Cool!

  4. You wrote about many different ways of making money on the internet, but it seems to me that they can make you not really enough money to treat it like a full time online business. Can you really work only online making money like you wrote or it’s a way to make some extra money? Do you know other ways to make some significant online income?

    • Szymon

      June 1, 2016 at 9:58 am

      Hi Kristof,
      I would use all of them as a short-term idea to earn some extra money. If you want to work long-term, it can be affiliate marketing, or if you are not scared (and you can promote something easily) revenue share.

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