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What is the Revenue Share? – Honest opinion



Do you want to know if Revenue Share is trustful online business or a scam? Read this whole post and do the conclusion yourself, as the answer to this question is not that easy!

In this post, I want to write about Revenue Share Programs. Let’s start with the basics first.

Revenue – in every business, it is a “clean” income for the company after all taxes and expenses. A different name is Net Profit.

How does it work then? What is a Revenue Share (Revenue sharing)?

You can find more on Wikipedia and Investopedia.

Revenue Sharing

How does Revenue Sharing work?

In summary: Company is splitting the profit (or loss) between all stakeholders.



Most popular are Amazon, Ebay or Clickbank, Youtube and Affiliate Marketing I mentioned few posts ago.

But in this situation, I don’t want to talk about the companies that are well-known and for years on the market, I want to bring something else to your attention. Currently on the Internet, Facebook other web sites are plenty of people who are saying that you can earn extra, easy money thanks to the “new” revenue share program. In those cases, they should be under HYIP sign. In 99% they are regular Ponzi schemes that I mention in HYIP post. So it means that you will get your money back after other people will “invest” in this program.

Currently most popular are “advertising services” like Traffic Monsoon (TM), LikesXL, My Advertising Pays (MAPS), as they are the easiest thing to sell to a newbie, as not many people know a lot about the marketing and how the advertising works. All of above are Ponzi’s. If someone is telling you that they are not, they lie.



If someone comes to you and he is saying that there is a great and easy opportunity to earn money, use your brain. There are few tips   (as in the HYIP post) you have to follow if you don’t want to be scammed.

  • What kind of the product the company has? Is it worth to buy or it is just there to be there?
  • If your promoter says that they are healthy company, ask for a financial statement for the past years. You will not get one. Why? Because it doesn’t exist. Why doesn’t it exist? Answer yourself.
  • If this “business” is as good as someone is saying, why the admin is looking for “small” people who invest 1000$ instead of Bill Gates who can pay millions $ in a second? Because admin has a good heart and he wants everyone to be rich? In what kind of world are you living? Let’s see this from another perspective. You have a genius idea. You start a new business. Do you try to find Elon Musk (or other investors with big banks) who will give you 1 million to grow or you ask your 500 friends on the Facebook to give you 500$?
  • The idea of next program is not fantastic and better than everything before (in 99,99% cases). It is always a similar concept, and all of them will fall, just like the other 100 programs before.
  • Someone is posting pictures with money, daily withdraws, coaching photos, short movies from car to motivate people around to move their asses, change the future and start to earn real and easy money? Yep, almost everyone in this “business” is doing that. Did you see any picture of Mark Zuckerberg or Ingvar Kamprad (owner of Ikea) with a pile of cash? No. So there is a question why those people are doing that this way? The population is greedy and easy to manipulate. If you show them that you are earning 5000$ per month just clicking ten times per day, they want to. They don’t care that something is fishy, they need to recruit as many people as possible, that they need to deposit some money (the more, the better. Promoters often encourage to take the loan).
  • Proponents are saying that the forum “Y” is full of lies, frustrated people who write slanders on a paying business, because they are jealous? Think about it. Anyone who writes that the company “A” is a Ponzi scheme is a liar and wrong, but a guy who encourage you to deposit 1000$, because he gets the commission is telling the one and only truth?
  • Not every promoter is telling about the risks of those programs. What is interesting to mention that those who say about the risk, they still not call them a Ponzi. Why? If you say: “I have an excellent business to invest money in, there is 10-20% ROI, but it is risky like everything in life” – a lot of people will sign. If you say: “I have great Ponzi with 10-20% ROI, there is 50% chance you can earn/lose money” – what do you think? How many people would sign?

All right, you know what revenue sharing is and what is important to keep an eye on.



Let’s take Traffic Monsoon (one of the most popular Revenue share programs in 2015) and use it as an example (as most of them work on the same basis).

Most popular and by far giving the highest income is “ad pack” (displaying your ad to viewers). To be a part of this “revenue share”, first, you need to buy an “ad pack” and once every 24 hours you need to watch ten ads of different advertisers (that takes 5 minutes). In this case, you pay 50$ per ad pack, every day you watch ten ads, automatically you join the “rev-share” program and after 55 days you earn additional 5 dollars, so 10%. You have 100 ad packs, you click ads on a daily basis, around two months later you have 500$ extra. Isn’t that brilliant?

In few programs (MAPS, LikesXL) you need to pay a monthly/yearly subscription. Some people doesn’t like it, but it can give the chance that the business will live a little bit longer.

Other options to earn money:

You don’t need to buy ad packs to make money. There are two other possibilities:

  1. Cashlink – you are watching ads. You get paid from 0,001$ to 0,01$ per one ad. It can take few days/weeks to gather 2-5$ to have minimal withdrawal amount.Cash-links
  2. Commission – signing people under your name and getting money for the work they are doing. In Traffic Monsoon, you get 5$ (10%) of every ad pack they buy and 100% of cash link.Revenue Share Income Potencial



Three basic rules of “working” in Revenue Share programs:

  1. Everything is risky. The highest risk is in new and old (few months old) programs.
  2. First people in the business earn the most money.
  3. If you are a “good” promoter, you can win a lot.

Total earned on Revenue Share

What is crucial in that kind of programs. On a screen above you can see: “Total Earned: 987$.” It is just a number on the website. You CANNOT withdraw it whenever you want!



Things to know:

  • Everyone can buy an “ad pack” and promote whatever they want! Don’t be a fool here. Don’t trust that the BMW, Audi, Nike are using this company. You can always call their support and ask if they use “X” to promote. You can trust me here; they are not.
  • The ad/commercial in revenue-share programs is completely useless. Why? Because you pay for something people have to watch, they are being paid for it. They are not watching or clicking that because they want to do it.
  • What kind of people is watching your ads? If you are the owner of a small shop, how it can help that someone in Africa or Asia is watching that? He is not going to buy anything from you. So you are wasting money on the marketing. On a Facebook, you can choose age, sex city, etc. for your audience. You will get to people where is high chance that they buy your product. As you see, the only appropriate thing to promote is other Ponzi/”business.”
  • Every single ad pack is generating 10$ loss (in our example for Traffic Monsoon). 5$ you should earn after 55 days and next 5$ for your sponsor. Using a simple math you can find out that this loss can’t be covered by other offered products – it will collapse in the future.
  • It is not worth to go into the program just for one cycle. You have to pay charges when you buy ad packs and when you withdraw money . That’s why most of the promoters are encouraging people to reinvest all money to buy more and more ad packs.

All here is pure truth. You know now most important things about revenue share. You will see that most of the promoters find an excellent answer for everything I wrote above. Unfortunately, most people will be brainwashed, and it’s almost impossible to explain them anything because they believe only in words of one person – their promoter.

I said harsh things about those kinds of programs, but if you are not afraid of risk and that you can lose some money you can use them to earn additional cash. If you want to promote them, that’s great (but don’t lie), but you don’t need people in your group to gain that money.

Here are proofs (not mine) from the internet that those programs are paying (at the moment of writing this post).

Revenue Share Payment Proof


Payment proof revenue share


Revenue Sharing paying proof


Is Revenue Share a scam?

It’s hard to answer. It is, and it is not at the same time. When the program is still new and paying to all investors, it is not. At the moment of problems with cash flows and engaging new people into the program to buy the products it is. You need to understand – the amount of money you will gain (after you withdraw the entire deposit) someone will lose.


What is your decision? Are you one of the promoters or one of the people who use it as a primary income source? If you have any questions, let me know in the comment below.




  1. I have never even heard of something like this before. I have to admit there were so many things I didn’t even understand 100 % of it but it sure does sound like another profitable scam for the first few who join – and a nightmare for those who join late or have no idea what they are doing. It’s good to always know what you are getting to before joining.

    • Szymon

      May 8, 2016 at 2:11 pm

      Hi Matthew,
      Yes, like in every single piramid scheme. The highest chance of earning money have people who join first. Unfortunatly most people “inside” have no idea what they are doing as they believe what their sponsor says.

  2. Thank you for this great post! I believe that you are totally right. A lot of programs like that just try to brainwash people with easy success. But it the end there is nothing like easy success. I was also scammed at the beginning and I am so grateful that I did not lose all my savings there.

    I have also an idea for another review of scams for you. Do you know I was tempted to try them last year but I still think this is nothing just a scam. What do you think? I would love to read your review about it.

    • Szymon

      May 16, 2016 at 3:10 pm

      Hi David,

      Thank you for an idea. I don’t know them. Will look around and I will try to write the review.

  3. Fantastic article on a pervasive problem within the online business community. So often these type of programs just take and give no value in return, turning off so people many to actual legitimate ways of earning an income.
    Great breakdown on TrafficMonsoon. When PayPal suspends business with you…that should say something.
    Thank you.

    • Szymon

      May 11, 2016 at 9:00 am

      Yeah, the biggest issue in almost all those Revenue Share/Ponzis business, people are brainwashed. You can find on the Facebook or internet forum that they blame PayPal for working illegally! They have no proof, hard data, just what promoter/admin say and they belive everything they say.

  4. What I can tell, is that the Internet is getting extremely dangerous with all these Money suckers around. I hate scams, and I myself have been subject of it. The scam made me lose my google adsense account in the process, and I only depend of my trusty affiliate marketing page to make real money.

    Is good to know something new, as this is the first time I hear about revenue share, I’ll not fall into this type of schemes again.

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